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Post-Partum Bathroom Routine

One of the biggest changes in post-partum is your daily routine when you go to the restroom. A typically 2 minute potty break will turn into 5-10 minutes. I wasn’t aware of how different things would be for me, so I wanted to share some things that help me heal from having a natural child birth. Just remember to be patient with yourself and understand that this is all a part of the healing process and every new mom experiences the same thing. 😊

Main Essentials

**It’s beneficial to set up a small table by your toilet at home or you can put these items nearby on the counter**

  • peri bottle (Use this to gently squirt warm water down there to clean the area instead of using a million toilet tissues)
  • extra heavy pads (do not use tampons!)
  • disposable underwear (it’s easier to throw away blood stained underwear instead of messing up your own. Recommend mesh underwear for c-section scars since the fabric is looser)
  • ice maxi pads (helps soothe
  • sitz bath (you can soak in the toilet seat bath to reduce inflammation and relieve pain)
  • witch hazel (helps soothe the soreness)
  • frida tablets (drop these in the sitz bath for additional relief)
  • hemorrhoid wipes/pads (use as directed if you have hemorrhoids)

Since your vagina and bottom will be really sore and feel swollen after a natural birth, you can make these padsicles ahead of time to help soothe the area. 


What you need:

Always overnight pads, Witch hazel, Aloe Vera 100% gel, Lavender essential oil


  1. Partially unwrap a few pads at a time, but don’t detach the wrapper. Spread aloe vera generously up and down the whole pad. Don’t just do the middle part, spread it further down almost to the bottom of the pad. Just trust me on that.
  2. Pour about a teaspoon of witch hazel down the middle.
  3. Add a few drops of lavender oil. Fold the pads back up to how they were and stick them in a gallon sized plastic bag, then freeze.
  4. Pull them out of the freezer, one by one, as needed and let them thaw for two or three minutes before use.

**Instructions and pictures provided by: PrettyProvidence

Restroom Life at Home Continued..

For the first couple of weeks you will not be able to control your bladder. A little pee may come out if you laugh too hard or it may come while you’re rushing to the restroom. I really don’t know why that is, but it happened to me and my friends. Buttt you’ll be okay since you’ll still have on the thick pads and disposable underwear lol. 😉


Your lower body is still going to be sore in the first couple of weeks. So don’t be hard on yourself if it takes you longer to sit down on the toilet or get out of the shower.

Start to monitor how often you poop. If it’s been a couple days and you can’t go, you can buy stool softener or try eating foods that’ll make you have a bowel movement. And of course contact your doctor if you think your constipation is an issue.

Blood Discharge

It’s best to continue to use the peri bottle when you go to the restroom until the bleeding stops. If you have stitches down there, be sure to pat dry the area so you don’t risk tearing a stitch.

It’s important to watch how much blood discharge you have. The more active you are, the more you’ll bleed. Try to stay off your feet and minimize doing house hold chores / bending down for the first month.

I think my heavy bleeding lasted about two weeks and then I switched to regular pads and underwear. Blood clots the size of a quarter are normal. If you get blood clots larger than a plum, call your doctor immediately!

Patience is Key

You should know that this process isn’t easy for anyone and everyone’s healing time will vary. Planning ahead will take away any added stress and it’ll help your time in the restroom become manageable. Please remember to be patient with yourself take it day by day and THERE IS light at the end of the tunnel.

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Labor Hospital Bag Checklist

So you’re in your final stretch of the pregnancy which is excittting and nerve wrecking at the same time! Sometimes it seems like there’s so much to do but such little time. Just know you’re not alone and not one person can do everything alone w/o making mistakes. 


Hopefully this quick guide can give you a little assistance for your baby’s debut at the hospital!

My husband and I were lucky enough to take baby classes at the hospital so that helped my wheels start spinning in my mind for what to pack. There’s no right or wrong way to pack but I’ll definitely say there’s a ‘smart’ way to pack. 😉



If your birth place has a labor room/wing and a post-partum room/wing

I suggest making two bags. Why?

  • When you arrive at the hospital there’s so much going on and it’s easier to carry a small ‘labor’ bag into the building.
  • Once your done with the labor process that bag can be taken to the car so you don’t have to take up extra space in your post-partum room. 
  • During the labor process it’s easier for your spouse or birthing mate to give you things you need out of that bag. (Example) if you need your heating pad or headphones, you don’t want them searching forever in a large suitcase. It should be a quick grab and go situation.



Your labor bag is your one stop shop to help you get through this journey! The main goal is to pack things that will help you relax and make the process manageable.

My plan was to not use an epidural so I wanted to pack things to get me through the contractions without feeling the urge to request the shot.

I’m here to tell you that it is 100% possible to have a natural birth if that’s your plan. What makes a natural birth easier to endure is if you have everything you need right by your side. 😊



Of course everyone has different needs but here are my suggestions:

  • yoga ball: of course this can’t go inside the bag but you should bring it to help get through contractions
  • headphones/ bluetooth speaker: some people like certain music during the birth process to relax them. I used soundscape(ocean sounds) music
  • heating pad: your contractions feel like really strong cramps, so heat compression can help
  • back massager
  • dry wash cloth: that you can use for hot or cold water. At times I needed a cold wash cloth placed on my forehead and neck
  • your favorite scent: can be essential oils or even a dryer sheet lol..the aroma can help soothe you
  • blanket or robe
  • snacks: you can’t eat during labor but you’ll definitely need something as soon as that bad boy pops out
  • chapstick: random I know, but I hate when my lips are dry lol
  • book/bible: if there’s something you read during your pregnancy that will soothe you, by all means take it and put sticky notes on the pages you love so your mate can read them out loud. I linked my book below that I read during the 2nd trimester and I absolutely love it
  • picture of the baby’s ultrasound: I packed it but didn’t use it lol. Some people suggest having a picture that you can look at for motivation. Or having a picture to focus on during the pain or pushing
  • handheld fan: I got super hot during the contractions and had my husband fan me with a book lol, poor things hand was super tired
  • your birthing plan typed out: you may not have your planned doctor the day of, so it’s important to have everything you want/need typed out to hand it to the nurse. Your plan is what you would like to happen. Be mentally prepared for things to change on the spot and trust in God and your medical staff that they are doing what’s best for you in the baby. 💚



  • pajamas + slippers
  • toiletries: soap/body wash, lotion, tooth brush, toothpaste, hair products/accessories, wash cloth, shower shoes, towel for you and partner
  • favorite pillow: of course your center will provide you with pillows, but if you normally have neck/back problems it’s best to bring your own
  • clothes: you’ll want loose clothes that are easy to put on since your body will be sore. I recommend a maxi dress if it’s not too cold outside.
  • heavy duty pads: the place should give you pads but I say bring a couple of your own in case you don’t like theirs
  • adult diapers: I’ve linked them below. If you have a vaginal birth you are going to bleed A LOT and there’s no need to get your pretty panties messed up
  • nipple pads: some women’s milk comes in right away so it’s good to have these incase your breasts start to leak
  • favorite snacks
  • phone chargers: make sure you bring one with long cords because their outlet plug may not be close by
  • medication: any type of meds you need or if you’re taking iron pills

*Check before your delivery date to see what will be provided for your partner. (Example: food, bed, blankets)



  • pacifier
  • cute outfit: if their feet and hands are exposed in the outfit make sure you bring mittens and socks
  • 1 swaddle blanket: the hospital lets you use their blankets during the stay but you can’t take it home
  • hat: the hospital lets you keep the baby hats but just in case you want one to match their outfit
  • car seat: your base should be securely placed in your car.

Please visit to have a free car seat instructional phone call to make sure you’ve installed it 100% correctly.


diapers, wipes, formula, baby hats, vaginal squirt bottle, pads,

large underwear, wipes for hemorrhoids


No one’s labor process is the same. We all tolerate pain, stress, and emotions differently. Prepare yourself mentally to be flexible to changes the day of because anything can happen! Make sure your birthing partner is prepped mentally to be your support system for the emotional ups and downs. Your partner will also need to be physically prepared to withstand long hours of being by your side and carrying for the baby while you rest up.

I hope that you have the delivery that you imagine and that you and your new bundle of joy are healthy as an ox!

The next steps after birth are not easy, please take time and view my how to get through post-partum blog post! (COMING SOON)

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How to design a baby nursery


  • Utilize those search engines! Pinterest and Etsy were my best friends! Think about what color scheme and theme you like and attack that search engine.
    • I searched ‘navy and gray baby boy room, baby bear room, gray wildlife baby room’ and that helped me put together my vision. I’m a planner so I ordered all of my décor pieces from Etsy when I was 7 months pregg. My goal was to use things that weren’t too ‘babyish’ and would look decent until he turns 5.
  • Take everything day by day and use your family and friends to help you paint, decorate, drill holes, whatever it may be.
  • Try to get everything completed before your little one arrives because you’ll be too tired to do anything with a newborn.
  • Have a lamp you can use for feedings during the night. A lamp with multiple light settings will be the best.


  • You don’t want to crowd your nursery with too many things because toys will eventually take over the entire space. 😞
  • Don’t get overwhelmed by annny of the baby prepping
  • Don’t place anything dangerous too low or close to the crib or floor.
  • Don’t place the crib infront of a window. As they grow up they can rip down the curtains and blinds.


I don’t remember when this started but I developed the name Blair Bear and others would call be Mama Bear in college. So once I got pregnant with a boy I knew I wanted to create a theme revolving around bears for my little cub.💚 

Wall Décor

Having the right wall décor will improve the entire aesthetic of your nursery!

I knew I wanted artwork in his room so I ordered digital prints from Etsy which I highly recommend! They’ll email you the image in whatever color you need, you print it yourself, and get you a cute frame from Hobby Lobby and boom you’re done!


I got my wall decal from Etsy and the lady let me swap out the moose for another bear and select whatever colors I wanted.

Shelves are a great addition to adding more decorative pieces. I chose mountain shelves from Hobby Lobby since they went with my theme. I can see Trent getting older and trying to knock alllll that stuff off the shelves so I made sure to hot glue everything to the shelf lol. (gotta think ahead sometimes) I wasn’t sure what to put on the second mountain but I eventually came across these adorable wooden bears on Etsy.

Fancy mirrors are another great option for your walls. Just be mindful how low you place them or else you’ll see little finger prints everywhere.

Baby Mobile

To me, a crib isn’t complete without a mobile and babies lovvve to stare at things above them! Some of them can be pretty pricey but they’re sooo cute lol. I ordered my mobile from Etsy and you can even make your own if you’re talented when it comes to sewing things. If you order a handmade mobile online they won’t come with the arm that attaches to the crib. I purchased this one from amazon and it works perfectly!

Lounge Corner

I kept debating on putting a rocking chair or a small sofa chair in his room, but I knew a rocking chair wouldn’t get used as much. I also wanted something that he would use when he gets older so I opted for a mini sofa with a twin bed pull out. Why? might you ask. Well years down the road when his friends or cousins spend the night they can sleep in the sofa bed.…like I said I’m a planner and future thinker lol. My husband and I also took turns sleeping in the bed for the first two months while Trent slept in the crib since we had to feed him throughout the night. 

Reading Wall

Reading is what? FUNNDAMENTAL! *in my Ru-Paul voice* You’ll get many books over the years so I highly suggest a book shelf or reading wall. I opted for a wall because I don’t want the kid taking the books out all willy nilly and throwing them everywhere. Amazon has these cute clear shelves that won’t take away from your décor and I plopped art work on top that I purchased from Etsy. 

Closet Organization

I know some people place bins and shelves inside the closet to organize things but I didn’t want to take that route. I used month markers to divide the clothes up by the different sizes. The floor of the closet is where I placed alllll of the diaper boxes, wipes, high chair box, and walker box. Maybe once he gets older I’ll put in bins but in the beginning you have so many large boxes and they have to go somewhere. I placed the rest of his clothes inside his dresser drawers and I’ve linked my How to make a baby changing station blog post here. 

Click images below to shop my fave products mentioned in this post!

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