This is Trent’s second Easter and since he’s two years old I wanted to have some things around the house for us to do for the holiday. At this age kid’s love hands on activities that incorporate colors, being messy, and the outdoors. My goal was to incorporate a little bit of everything and he loved it all! I’ve listed the different things we did below along with links to the products. Hope your little ones enjoy these fun moments and I can’t wait to try something different next year!


Bake Easter Cookies

I bought the Pillsbury peel and bake bunny cookies because it’s quick and easy! Another option is to buy Easter cookie cutters to make sugar cookies and let your kid decorate them with sugar/icing. When you’re done you can put them on a cute Spring plate or bowl…or in little festive baggies!

Paint Eggs

I found some fake eggs and dye at Wal-mart and I liked that they were mess free. You place an egg inside a small bag and add your desired color and move the egg around until it’s fully painted. This is supposed to be a mess free activity but with kids…no such thing. This concept was too advanced for Trent so I put all the dye in small cups and he loved being able to dip the paint brush and paint all the eggs. If you don’t want to buy fake eggs, you can boil eggs and paint them with whatever paint you have in the house. Once they’re all done, display your kid’s work in a cute bowl or easter basket with colored grass!

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Dot Markers

This Easter coloring book is from Amazon and there’s a lot of different pictures/pages inside. I call these markers bingo markers and it took Trent no time to grasp the idea of filling up all the circles. You can also keep these markers and pages in your diaper bag when you need to keep your children busy at a restaurant.

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Egg Chalk

Kid’s love chalk and frankly, so do I. The only thing with it being egg shaped is it rolls so easily down our slanted driveway lol. The different colors are great for young ones to use their imagination and draw a million squiggly lines. Of course the more your draw the less like an egg it becomes, but all in all it’s still an awesome outdoor activity with a sprinkle of holiday spirit!

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