Out of everything in your baby’s room you will spend the most time at your changing table. So it’s important for that to be a one stop shop while you’re baby is screaming their head off or shooting rainbows of pee all over the place.

Find the right type of dresser

To me a dresser is the way to go so the kid can use it throughout his life as he gets older. Actual changing tables are cute, buutttt they’re pretty small and can get pricey.  I ordered a kids dresser from Rooms To Go that had these awesome cut out shelves on the top! You don’t need very many drawers because lets be honest, how much clothes will they have? Also remember, their items are miniature which can easily be folded and rolled for more room. Messes will occur so I don’t suggest something that can get stained or scratched up easily. 

What you need on top

A water resistant changing pad is the way to go! Yes there’s so many cute changing pad covers/sheets but don’t do it!!! Your child will s*** and pee like there’s no tomorrow and that cute stuff will look like boo-boo…literally. I’ve linked my pad below and love the high sides to help keep the kid in one spot. I also keep paper pads nearby for when he blows out his diaper and has poop all on his back and onesie. The diaper organizer I found was small enough for my dresser and perfect for everything I need on hand.

What you need in the drawers

If you don’t have open shelves like my dresser, I suggest storing extra diapers and wipes inside your drawers. If you have a boy, you’ll save money on wipes because you really don’t need to wipe their wee-wee when they pee pee lol (childish, I know). We also rip our wipes in half if we don’t have to clean up a big mess.

Bibs, bibs, bibs, and more bibs! Babies have an excessive amount of drool and spit up like it’s nobody business. That’s why I took up a whole drawer for our bibs and burb cloths.

I ordered these nifty organizers below for all of his clothes and they’re absolutely perfect! If you have grandparents helping you watch your kid it’s best to label all the drawers to make it easier for them. Orrr if the Dad is watching him…they def need all the help they can get lol. So make labels your best friend! I separated my clothing by their different stages, so 0-3 months, 3-6 months..and so on. Once they out grow a drawer empty it out and move the next stage drawer in it’s place.

How to dispose diapers

I was trying to be cautious on money and convince myself that we can use a regular trashcan for dirty diapers. But nope! Silly me. You defff need a diaper trash can cause when those poop diapers pile up…whewww chile, that’s a smell you can’t mask lol. His grandpa was gracious enough to gift us with this diaper genie linked below and I have no complaints with it at all. Of course when you open it, the smell will burn off your noise hairs lol but when it’s closed the smell doesn’t escape from it.

I wish you the best with your bundle of joy and I hope you have fun putting together your diaper station…aka new best friend lol. 💚💚

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