My mother decided to visit me one weekend and I love to cook new food recipes for her to try. 🙂 

I already had some jumbo blueberries in the fridge so I started browsing through Pinterest to get some ideas. 

I finally stumbled upon this pancake recipe that ricotta cheese in it. I’ve honestly only had ricotta in my lasagna but I was willing to experiment. The only thing with ricotta is you have to drain out the extra liquid so it won’t ruin your dish. 

These pancakes were pretty simple to make and after a few ruined pancake flips, I finally figured it all out lol. My blueberries were so big that it made the pancake batter fall apart when I had to flip them. That’s why I added in the step to mush up your berries to make it easier. 

In the end these were very delicious! You can taste a hint of the ricotta but the lemon and blueberry adds such a great flavor and it’ll leave you wanting more! If you give these a try let me know how you like them! 💚


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