Like most people in the world I lovvve tacos! If tortillas didn’t make me bloated I would def eat tacos every week! 

I saw someone on ig post that they made cauliflower tacos and I just had to give it a try. My husband as increased his daily intake with fruits and veggies so I knew he would be on board with the change. He’s also been cutting back on sodium so I made sure to make a salt free taco seasoning for this dish. 

I’m not a big fan of the ‘cauliflower’ taste but I honestly could not tell it was cauli in my tacos. I meannn I did add cilantro, fresh lime juice, jalepenos, salsa, and a little cheese lol. But still, I couldn’t tell I was eating an all veggie taco. So with that being said…I’ll definitely be making these again for my household and I might make my own salsa next time. Hope you guys enjoy this healthy and vegan take on Taco Tuesday. 💚


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