I had this recipe saved on my Pinterest board for a long time and never felt like making it for some reason. After I had the kid I knew I needed to cut back on my carb intake so I finally gave in to trying this recipe out since it was healthy. Annnd it was delicious! I added a couple tweaks to better suit us and now this is apart of our frequently rotated meals. The mixture of pork and turkey is great since the pork helps add juice to the meatball. 

      If you’ve never made zoodles before, you should know that zucchini contains alot of water inside. After I use my sprializer I like to place the zoodles on paper towels to drain off the water. But honestly it’s allllott of water. I’ve sprinkled salt on it before and used more paper towels but it still doesn’t dry out all the way. After a couple minutes I just say efff it and throw it in the skillet lol. Since zoodles don’t absorb sauce as well as normal pasta you don’t need to cook them for very long in the skillet. Also, be mindful that if you have leftovers the longer they sit in the fridge in the sauce they’ll become more soft and mushy. So I suggest finishing your leftovers within two days. I’ve linked my sprializer below and I absolutely love it! Good luck with this recipe and I hope you enjoy it!

*This recipe was inspired by Eatwell101

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