🍌BANANA 🍌 *in my minion voice* If you have nanners that are starting to turn old and mushy DO NOT throw them away. They are perfect to use in baking recipes and smoothies! Even if you don’t have time or the ingredients on hand to make something with them, pop those bad boys in the freezer until you’re ready to use them. That’s what I usually do unless my husband is on a banana splurge and eats them all up before they turn bad. 

One of my fave things to make with old nanners is these banana bread muffins. Travon was pretty skeptical about it but he’s now a huge supporter of this movement. 😂 

It has the perfect blend of cinnamon, banana, sweetness, and adding walnuts to the mix makes it so much better! Hope you have fun making these warm yummy  muffins. 💚 

*This recipe was inspired by Teaspoon of Goodness

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