Another weekend has arrived in the Johnson household and I turn to Pinterest to look up new ideas for breakfast. I came across this pancake recipe and thought ‘wait a minute..I actually have all of these ingredients at home!’ I was very excited to make this because I knew this could be a new way to sneak fruits and veggies into breakfast. For now, my son likes and eats all his fruits and veggies…buttt I know eventually he’ll start to get picky. And you can’t go wrong with pancakes and syrup! Every kid likes that! 

Anywhooo…this recipe was super quick and easy! I like that I can put everything in my blender and didn’t have to get my mixing bowls and hand mixer dirty. And the taste of the pancakes was sooo good! I had to make a double batch because my husband ate 5 pancakes. 😑 My son is currently 10 months and getting used to different textures but these hot cakes were a winner with him! 

I hope you enjoy them as much as my family does and I’ll probably be making these every other week since they’re so healthy. 💚

*Recipe inspired by BabyFoodE


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