My mother in law happened to buy the wrong tortillas one day and lucky me because she gave them all to us!

I was craving something sweet so I thought of making unhealthy chips and boy oh boy. They were tha bomb! I wanted something else to eat with them so I sautéed some apples and ahhh my mouth is drooling just typing this.

This can be a great appetizer for guests or even a holiday meal. Instead of apples you can do chocolate, cranberry sauce, or even homemade icing lol…basically the possibilities are endless.

My mom liked them so much that she’s going to make it for Thanksgiving and use a pumpkin cookie cutter on the tortillas…yup she’s cute like that. Let me know if you think of an exciting dipping sauce to pair with this sweet treat. 💚

*This recipe was inspired by Brita – Food with Feeling


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