Do you ever make things because you’re trying to get rid of ingredients in the house? That’s how most of my recipes get created lol. I had a can of cocoa powder in the house for monthhhss, shoot maybe even a year or two. And I went to my fave place Pinterest and started searching different ideas and came across this vegan bread.

If you love chocolate covered bananas then you’ll love this! My husband and mother in law were not fans at all lol. So I gave the leftovers to my neighbor and they said it was yummy.

The olive oil makes it very moist and the choc isn’t overpowering and you get an after taste of banana with each bite. You don’t have to put nuts on top but I say it makes a big difference to help balance out the sweetness. Fingers crossed that you’ll enjoy it. 🤞💚

*This recipe was inspired by Eleanor’s Dish – Elleyajoku


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