I absolutely lovveee tacos and fajitas annnd basically any type of Mexican food. One of my fave restaurants to get fajitas from is Papasitos. Their beef is so tender and flavorful and their chicken is super juicy. I knew it was going to be a challenge to recreate their greatness but I stumbled upon a Pinterest recipe that caught my eye. After I added a few tweaks I’m proud to say that this is some good chicken lol. 

I like to use chicken thighs and breasts when I do fajitas just so I can have a good mixture of white and dark meat. The thing that makes this delicious is letting the chicken sit in all of those juices and seasonings for more than 10 hours. You don’t ‘have’ to add extra seasoning like I mention in the recipe…but I think it helps amp of the flavor while you grill it. I hope you guys enjoy this recipe and make yourself a large sloppy taco. 💚


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