I typically cook breakfast on the weekends or when I have company over. When you have guests over breakfast definitely sets the tone for the rest of the day. I love having a yummy spread prepared and filling the whole house with smells to wake them up from their slumber. Eggs, bacon, and potatoes is a quick go to but I knew there was a way I can elevate the first meal of the day. Lucky me I found this breakfast ring and it’ll definitely be my new go to. You customize it to your liking and add all kinds of veggies, cheese in meat with the scrambled eggs. Since it was my first time I only did bacon, cheddar/ fiesta cheese, and bell peppers. I also added garlic powder, season salt, pepper and onion powder to my eggs before throwing them in the skillet. I thought the eggs would be over cooked since you’re basically cooking them twice but nope! They were perfectly fine. 🙂 Pilsbury added a new can to their inventory and failed to notify me so my dumb self grabbed ‘crescent rounds’ instead of their ‘crescent rolls’ can. But I folded the strips in half and made it work. Good luck recreating this and I hope it turns out as delicious as mines!

*This recipe was inspired by Jo Cooks.

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