About Me

It all began in the year 1991 when a little girl by the name of Blair was born in Houston, TX. She was raised by her parents and forced her older brother to play Barbies and restaurant day in her room. She was quite the quirky skinny girl and dabbled in a few sports in middle/high school but nothing really stuck. Being in Girl Scouts is where she shined and becoming a leader to young girls at summer camp helped shaped her for what was to come in the future.

She coined the nicknames ‘da momma, mama Blair, mama Bear, and even Vice President of motherhood’ throughout the years amongst her peers. Why might you ask? Because she’s simply the best! Kidding. Not kidding. Okay maybe just a little. 🙊

Blair usually sparkles as the planner in her group of friends and has a natural way of ‘taking care’ of things. If she’s organizing a party, you know all the small details will be taken care of. If she’s your travel buddy on a trip, you bet your bootayy her bag is packed with random things normal people wouldn’t think of but you would definitely need. So the name stuck over the years and it was destined for her to venture off into motherhood with a family of her own. Along with her mothering traits, she possess humor and bluntness like no other. She loves to quote movies and interject tidbits of laughable moments to make her fans go wild.

She met her better half in 2012 and they’ve been married since 2018. The wedding was the most perfect day in their eyes and they danced until their shoes came off! Blair being the person she is, planned and coordinated the entire wedding herself and would do it all over again if she could. Below is lovely a recap video of the special day. 

After the wedding the two love birds made a new nest in San Antonio, TX where they created two perfect baby boys. They’ve been living there ever since and are excited to experience the next adventures together as The Johnson Family. 💚💚